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You made it! You’re here, on this page, probably just to see what this is all about. You can rest easy. It’s not a sales page. This is a simple tool to help people change the trajectory for their lives. However…

You might be fine with your life, just the way it is. I can save you some time…move on, there’s nothing for you to see here. Really! This content is targeted toward individuals who realize life is short and do not want to get to the end with a list of regrets, failed wishes and good intentions. These individuals understand if they keep doing what they are doing, they will keep getting what they are getting. And they want to change.

This 10-week email experience is for the person who imagines a life where you are working toward something of value. You are not just punching a clock or just making sure the homework is done. Imagine a life where you matter and you are doing things that make a difference! Your life is like a powerful locomotive. You can move the heaviest load as long as you have rails to roll on. Having purpose in your life are those rails.

Unfortunately, developing a sense of purpose is not as easy as searching your name on Google. It’s actually an ongoing, never-ending process. Author and speaker, John Maxwell has taught this simple principle:

“No one stumbles upon significance. We must be intentional about making our lives matter.”

When you genuinely set out to discover your “Why,” you set yourself up become a lifelong learner in the book of “YOU!” To be successful in this quest, you simply have to commit to a process of confirming your strengths, the desires of your heart and the influence you have on others.

What I’m proposing is that you start living life at the maximum level. That you get the most out of life and share it with others. Not only am I proposing it, I want to help you begin the journey. Introducing How to MAXIMIZE Your Life: Eight Strategies to Help You Get the MAX Out of Life.

“MAXIMIZE” is a FREE 10-week journey toward discovering how to begin making the most of the life God gave you. In the Bible, the book of John chronicles the life of Jesus. This was one person who fully knew his purpose. One of the many times he said, “I have come,” he followed it with “that they may have life and have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10) This is why I developed this tool. I love to help others MAXIMIZE their life!

“Recently, I was invited to participate in the “How to Maximize Your Life” exercises. We are currently up to strategy number four, and I have to say that each strategy to date has been informative, thought provoking, and backed up with scripture. Although not always comfortable, each strategy helps me take a look at my daily life, as it pertains to how God wants me to live it. I look forward to the next strategy, as I attempt to live my life closer to God.”

– MAXIMIZE subscriber

“How to Maximize Your Life” helped me greater than any tool I’ve used to reexamine, prioritize and expand who I am and what I want to be…All for Him !!!”

– Another MAXIMIZE subscriber

The eight strategies are: 

Master Your Meaning

Anticipate the Ending

eXport Your Dreams

Increase Your Influence

Make the Most of Obstacles

Invert Your Definition of Failure

Zero Tolerance for Quitting

Empower Through Surrender

I have used these eight strategies to help me work toward my purpose. Along the way I have written my first book, help launch a For-Purpose organization and have helped several individuals embrace the opportunities (one example) God has prepared them to pursue for His glory.

I would love to share my eight strategies with you over the next few weeks. I have intentionally separated these into 10 emails to allow time for you to consider and work through each strategy. These emails contain content for each component of the MAX life, supporting videos and exercises you can work on at your own pace. Again, the key is that you are moving toward a preferred destination.

What do you think? Want to give it a try? Want to join the growing list of people working toward getting the most out of life?

The best news is that these emails are all FREE.  They arrive once a week (usually on Tuesdays.)  

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