Speaking, Writing & Self-Publishing

I love to encourage people! It’s a great day for me to step into someone’s life and help them take a step toward the life God created them to live. I do this primarily through my writing and speaking. Here are a few links to other sites I’ve posted to, venues I’ve been invited to speak and a short video clip. Thanks for checking this out!

Writing Opportunities

Guest Post at www.MichaelHyatt.com:

“How to Retrieve What You Read – Almost Instantly”

Guest Post at www.MichaelNichols.org:

“Four Steps to an OUTRAGEOUS Life”

Guest Post at www.SteveSpring.org:

“Which Came First: The Person or the Brand?” 

Guest Post at www.ChristianFaithAtWork.com:

“How to be an OUTRAGEOUS Leader”

Speaking Opportunities

I welcome the opportunity to encourage others in person by speaking at events. My message is simple: Discover how God made you and leverage your life for the good of others. I strongly believe that each person has a purpose for being alive. The sooner you can nail that down, the sooner you will discover the benefits of a full life.

Past Venues

Broyhill Leadership Camps

Student Leadership Spartanburg

Preteen America Program

Rotary Club Meetings

Offsite Corporate Leadership Meetings

Extreme Kids Camp

Fellowship of Christian Athletes


Dwayne Morris Speaking Clips 2014 from Dwayne Morris on Vimeo.


What Others Are Saying

“Dwayne Morris delivers a message of encouragement that is exceptional!  When I left, I felt uplifted.  I also left with a clear message that each day we can work to make ourselves better.  I truly believe God’s hand is on Dwayne and I look forward to what’s yet to come.”    

Dr. Ron Garner, Superintendent, District One Schools, Spartanburg, SC


“Dwayne’s personality training hit the spot with our work force.  It opened up dialogue amongst the employees and showed us why we act the way we act.  Dwayne walks through his material in a professional way.  It was the best training my employees had all year.”  

Brian Osburne, CFO, Taylor Enterprises, Inc


“I am leaving with something I can apply to my life and a different perspective on my leadership. The curriculum was supported by relevant stories and personal experiences.”

Review from Student Leadership Spartanburg


“I have known Dwayne for over eight years. He’s a great husband, father and friend. He’s a blessing wherever he goes and will bless your community and organization while inspiring those around him.”

Melvin Adams, Motivational speaker and former Harlem Globetrotter


“Dwayne truly understands the biblical principles of leadership. He knows these truths, but more importantly he practices them. Invest just a few minutes with Dwayne and I assure you, you will grow. A man that walks the walk pushes everyone around him to strive for more. Dwayne is that man.”

Chip Crane, Executive Leader, Highest Goals Outdoor Leadership School



I self-published my first book in March of 2013. It was a GREAT experience. Follow this link to learn about my experience and some projects I’ve been a part of and how I might be able to help you. [Tell Me More]