What’s Your Problem? 3

FreeDigitalPhotos, Stuart Miles

FreeDigitalPhotos, Stuart Miles

I heard two stories in one day from two men who are doing some OUTRAGEOUS things. The interesting thing is both men have the same trait someone who he Lord is using to do something amazing. And yet, what they are doing began with a key component of an OUTRAGEOUS life.  They both recognized a problem that needed to be solved.

This is the catalyst for positioning your life for the OUTRAGEOUS. While you may not see the end result right away, you see that something needs to be done because something is broken. In other words, there is either no solution being offered to address the problem or what’s being offered isn’t the most effective means. The two men who shared their story with me recognized that something needed to be done and their contribution was critical to the response that was about to unfold in their life.

The first gentleman recognized the potential to connect with a growing Hispanic culture in our local community. What’s interesting about his story is that if you had interviewed him five years ago, his vision for where God was leading him was on foreign soil in South America. It appears for the time being, he’s still connecting with the South American culture, just on his own turf. What makes his story OUTRAGEOUS is how the Lord is blessing his commitment and persistence  after several years of trying to engage with this culture. What began as a friendship with a local Hispanic church pastor has now developed into a “Christian-prenuer” as he is working to host the largest Hispanic festival in our state. And get this, with no existing budget. As he has begun to share his vision with local leaders and businesses, they have responded with resources and funding. What makes this exciting is his phone has begun ringing with calls from local agencies wanting to connect with the vision the Lord has put on his heart.

The second gentleman has a similar vision for getting people connected with the gospel. He is a businessman who sees the need to get people on the field in secular arenas for the purpose of building relationships. The relationships allow them to earn the right to share a bigger message about spiritual things. What makes this OUTRAGEOUS is the model he has developed is very cutting edge. So much so that others are taking notice and are seeking him out to learn more and how they can implement the same model in their particular environments. Again, all because this gentleman saw a problem with the mainstream strategy. He was just trying to do something with what he had.

Two men, minding their own lives recognize the potential that a solution could provide to a problem. They had a vision of a preferred future and they didn’t let all the reasons why it wouldn’t work to stop them from moving it forward. Let me ask again, “What’s YOUR problem?”

What is it that keeps stirring your spirit with the phrase: “There has to be a better way” or “Somebody needs to do something about this”? Maybe you already have a solution to the problem. That’s great! That means you have a “vision of what could be fueled by the power of what should be.” (Andy Stanley)

What is a problem you would like to be a part of solving?