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 The book, t3D Book Cover Facing Righthe OUTRAGEOUS life is about God using an ordinary man to do some OUTRAGEOUS  things. As you walk through the experiences of Gideon, you will discover how much God wanted to use his life to reveal just what we might be capable of doing if only we will follow some of the principles in the book.

You will discover how our obstacles are God’s opportunities and how our contribution to God’s plan is critical. Along the way, you’ll meet some incredible people who God is currently using to do some OUTRAGEOUS things…even today.

This will motivate you to position your life in a place where great things can happen both in and through you.

What others are saying…

“My friend Dwayne Morris has written a book that every believer should read. Living for the glory of God and seeking to make his name great is truly what each of us are created for.”

-Steve Wright, author of reThink and ApParent Privilege

“In a world of maintaining the ‘status quo,’ the OUTRAGEOUS life challenges us to go to the next level in our walk with God. Following these principles will produce extraordinary results in your daily life.  It starts with where you are and takes you where you want to be.”

-Dr. Mike Hamlet, Sr. Pastor of First Baptist North Spartanburg, SC

“Radical life changing truths are rarely truths never before revealed.  Solomon already told us there is nothing new under the sun.  Sometimes truths we have already known have a radical impact on us because of the way that they are communicated.  Dwayne accomplishes just that.  He takes some simple ideas of knowing God and walking with God and His plan for our lives and presents them in a fresh and challenging fashion that will have you grappling anew with where you are in following the Lord.”

-Dr. Randy Hahn, Sr. Pastor of The Heights Baptist Church,  VA

“Dwayne’s obedience and commitment to Jesus Christ has produced a wonderful book for which I am extremely grateful. His dedication in helping people get to know Jesus in a personal way spans over 20+ years of ministry. Dwayne, like Gideon, is an ordinary man that the Lord has used in extraordinary ways to draw people closer to Himself. May this book inspire you, as it has me, to continue to place all of your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and know that if you think your plans are outrageous, wait until you see what the Lord has in store.”

-Caz McCaslin, Founder and President, Upward

“God has a plan for your life. It’s an incredible plan. It may sound crazy and it may sound hard, but it will blow any plan you could conceive away. All that is needed for the plan to be set in motion is for you to simply say YES! If you do, God will do extraordinary things in and through you, and He will do it in such a way that the credit could only go to Himself. Dwayne Morris nails this idea in his book the OUTRAGEOUS life. It is a must-read for anyone who is ready to get off the bench and into the game.”

-Jon Estes, Director & CEO, Woodlands Camp

“Dwayne’s book, I believe, will have a positive impact on everyone who reads it. He has done an incredible job expressing God’s love and how we can walk in faith hearing clearly the promises and provisions taught in God’s Holy Word, the Bible.”

-Wallace Nix, Executive Director of Chosen Children Ministries

Who needs to read this book?

If you are tired of getting the same results in your life, this book is for you. It will motivate you to trust more in what God can do and less in what you can do. For many followers of Jesus Christ, their greatest fear is that they finish their life with no more excitement than they had when they were born. You were created for the Glory of God, but He can’t get the glory if YOU are doing all of the work. If you are full of yourself, then you have very little room for God. the OUTRAGEOUS life will challenge you to restructure your life so that God gets the glory by using your life to do some pretty OUTRAGEOUS things.

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One of the greatest joys of writing a book is learning how the words you have put to paper are changing lives. The OUTRAGEOUS life is no exception. Readers are taking great steps of faith and discovering God in a whole new way as they move past their fears and grow their faith. Here are some of their stories

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