Why Are You Afraid of Failure? 1

Have you ever not attempted something because you were afraid you would fail? I am constantly amazed at how two people can consider the same scenario and one see nothing but risk to be avoided and the other see nothing but opportunity to be explored. I fully understand how God created us all different. I’ve been through the D-I-S-C personality studies. And yet I sense that the “Next Generation Leader” tends to ask forgiveness more than permission, regardless of their personality. It all comes back to confidence.

“The man who never takes a step of faith because of fear of failure has failed already.” – J. Kent Hutcheson [Tweet]

We all have a degree of confidence in our abilities. Suppose we use a circle to illustrate our confidence. Inside the circle are those things we know we can do well. When we consider these qualities or activities, we find no fear in how God will use them for His glory. But surely, it’s not God’s plan for that to be all we do for Him…right? Otherwise, why would we need faith? God wants us to enlarge our circle. He is constantly giving us opportunities to attempt new things that require us to get out of our comfort zone and trust Him with the results. Why? Because He wants us to gain a greater knowledge and experience of His power and faithfulness.

But there’s still this fear of failure that you have to defeat. It’s all about perspective. You have to move away from seeing the consequences to seeing the possibilities. The mere fact that there are no perfect people should let you know that failure is common. The difference in people is that some see failure as defeat and others see it as victory. I recently heard John Maxwell say that in life “there are winners and there are learners.” Any my personal favorite:

“Failure is the opportunity to try again more intelligently.” –           Henry Ford [Tweet]

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and fail as fast as you can! Here’s a great question: When’s the last time you did something for the first time? Quit waiting and start stretching and experiencing God’s faithfulness and power in your life, like never have before.


Questions for the Mirror:

What skills and abilities are you fairly confident with?


What’s one skill or event that you’re constantly challenged with that you’re not confident with?


Who can help you work on that skill or event?


What’s one component of that skill that you can begin working on today?