Begin With the End in Mind 2

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I am facilitating a weekly group experience called “GROW Plan.” It’s something I created to help people pause their lives long enough to think about where they are headed and decide if the path they are following is going to take them to their desired destination. Not a physical destination, but a state of life that matches the intended life their Creator planned before they were born (Psalm 139:16).

One of our activities is to write our own obituary.

(Long, awkward pause…)

That’s right. I ask them to write their obituary. The concept for this exercise is loosely connected to the experience of Albert Nobel.

Today, I discovered this four-minute video clip of United States Representative Trey Gowdy sharing with his peers, a synopsis of the most famous person he had ever met. While it’s not an obituary, it is a clear example of what I want someone to say about me when I check out from Earth and check in to Heaven. The lesson here is not to have people say nice things about you. The lesson is that we write our obituary and eulogy by the series of choices we make with our lives. I continue to be reminded that people will remember first what we do last. In other words, in the future when people speak of your name, they will first recall the last experience they had with you…good or bad. The good news is that we get a say in that memory.

I hope I choose well…

Take a look at this clip. It will inspire you to live a life that honors others and most importantly, honors the Lord: