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I am the author of The OUTRAGEOUS life: Letting God Take You From Ordinary to Outrageous.

My writing journey began in 2009 when I started blogging as a tool to improve my skill. I heard John Maxwell say, “What you do daily determines your level of success.” So I decided I needed to put my self out on the web and begin writing with a purpose.

I desire to help people leverage their lives for God’s glory. He created us with a purpose and a plan, part of which is to bring Him honor for how He blesses us to bless others.

I am a blessed man of an amazing family! My wife, Angela and I graduated from Clemson University and were married in 1991. We have three outstanding children who are quickly growing up.

What Makes Me Unique

I love to develop and produce creative projects such as promotional videos, website design and social media to market events and drive traffic to online platforms.

Public Speaker in various environments: Tomorrow’s America Leadership Camps, Extreme Kids Camp, Business Retreats, Local Rotary, Business Luncheons, Preteen America Program, Church services, and more…

Serving others in my community through church and civic organizations.


The Backstory

I began my career after college as a high school math teacher and coach. I loved working on the school campus everyday. My favorite times of the day were before school, breaks between class, lunch and after school. They provided me the best opportunity to encourage the most kids, not just the ones in my classroom. My goal everyday was to help my students succeed. My end-goal was not to teach them mathematics, but how to make decisions based on the information they learned in class. I believed if they learned the process of making good decisions in the classroom, it would transfer to how they made decisions in life. In 1996, I was recognized as the Josten’s Teacher of the Year for Chapman High School.

Even with my passion for helping kids succeed, I was sure of one thing: I would not retire from teaching. I was certain that God had more plans for my life and while it could have included teaching, I was sure that I would not be able to keep my place in the classroom. In the spring of 1996 that change began to unfold.

By the beginning of summer I was serving on the church staff of First Baptist North Spartanburg as a minister to students. This opportunity allowed me to begin my personal leadership journey as well as be a catalyst in the journey for several student leaders. It was out of this experience that I took my desire to see students succeed in the classroom and broadened it to helping people succeed in life.

Currently I hold a different post on our staff. However, the same passion for helping others succeed is what drives me today. I have a genuine desire to help people take the life given as a gift from God and leverage it for His glory. I am convinced once we begin to identify how God wired us together and how we can use our strengths for serving others, we are on the way to finding satisfaction in our lives.

My greatest joy is helping others leverage their lives for God’s glory. If that means brainstorming creative ideas, helping you personalize your relationship with God or even publishing a book, helping others MAXIMIZE the life God gave them is what gives me joy.


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