Do You Have a Story to Tell?

As you are working on your Love List, there’s going to come a time that you will begin to craft the story of how this list came into existence.  Here’s a GREAT model to follow… Nancy Duarte’s talk at TEDx East from Duarte Design on Vimeo.

What’s on Your Love List?

What's on Your Love List?
I recently had lunch with a gentleman for the purposes of hearing the story of his “Low Profit” start-up. ┬áPart of his story involves his response to something he read in “Wild at Heart” ┬áby John Ortberg. He was compelled to pull out a pad of paper and a pen and begin making a list ...

Living to Die

Living to Die
Bill “Tiny” Bateman is a big guy with a big heart…literally. Six years ago, Tiny was diagnosed with a form of cardiomyopathy. In laymen’s terms that means that the tissue in his heart is inflamed, thus enlarging his heart. In fact, at the time of his diagnosis, the doctors said it was the size of ...